10 Important Skills to Learn in 10 Days to Fast-track Your Learning of Any Skill by Danny Forest

10 Important Skills to Learn in 10 Days to Fast-track Your Learning of Any Skill


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Are you struggling to learn new skills?

This course could forever change that for you!

I used the think that I couldn't learn skills outside of my realm of expertise. When I started learning 3 new skills a month 3 years ago, I was baffled at everything I could to learn!

With the skills you'll learn in this course, this could be you!


"I just finished the Blitz Course. It is great!! I like the colours, the structure and the "storytelling" way make it easy to follow. I had no difficulty going through it. The examples and images are good and helpful for a better understanding. I can easily say that it is a must-read for people who want to learn how to learn."
Frank Steff
"Learning new skills has helped me to make progress and quickly define what I like and what I'm good at. I found a new passion in writing and I'm working to open my own business one day, one skill at a time."
Rick Veronese
"Such a rich content! Many resources for anyone who wants to learn a new skill, or two, or ten... Danny shows an incredibly practical and easy to apply framework. I am a learning freak and I already did some courses on "learning how to learn", but this one is very, very special. Thank you!"
Lenka Rejfířová
"As somebody who loves to learn skills, I care about the best ways to improve as well as retaining what I already have. This course was packed with flexible tools I can apply immediately to what I'm working on right now. It doesn't matter what skills you're learning as the techniques are applicable to almost all areas. I myself am into software programming, photography, salsa dancing, writing, chinese, and drawing among others. And if you love to learn, like me, give this course a try. What you'll find aren't shortcuts, but real science-backed tools to help anyone pick up and retain skills."
"As a proudly curious lifelong learner and polymath, I'm always interested in ways to improve my learning process - and this course definitely helped! I found it to be essentially a "Top 10" of key meta-learning skills (and even just having the Top 10 list is a help!). I particularly liked how for each skill/day, there was a short section on "Theory," some "Practice" activities, and also "Additional Resources" for a deeper dive - plus a mini-quiz to help draw out inferences and help me retain what I had learned. Though admittedly I was already previously familiar with several of the skills, I found the course gave me a new perspective on what they entail and why they are valuable. Not to mention how useful it was to approach them in this structured way. I could easily fit a lesson into each day, even though my schedule is already quite busy, but I know I will return to further practice and mine the additional resources. Thanks again to Danny and the SkillUp team for this helpful tool to jumpstart the meta-learning process!"
Joia Houheneka

Included in the course

  • Template: Learning Plan
  • Tool: SkillUp eJournal
  • Exercises: Over 100 exercises you can do immediately

Are you ready to skill up your life?

Skill development is the bridge to so many issues you are facing. 71 percent of the SkillUp Academy members said that they want to skill up because they want to find work they enjoy. Others want to do it to discover new passions and talents, or for status and money.

Skill development can bring you all of that. The issue is: 
  • How do we simplify it? 
  • How do we make it more efficient? 

No one's got time for unproven methods. We all want results now!

While I can't promise the results will be instantaneous, I can promise you effective learning in this blitz course.

The course was born out of my desire to learn better than anyone even deemed possible. I started learning 3 new skills every month 3 years ago. That habit led to me learning a ton of things, with learning how to learn being one of the most important skill I've learned.

This course is the result of my experiment and research on skill development. What you'll find in here helped me effectively learn over 80 different skills in less than 3 years.

So, let me ask you:

Are you ready to skill up your life?


Introduction to this course
Brought to you by SkillUp and Danny Forest
Foreword by your instructor - Danny Forest
How to get the most out of this course
Day 1. Focusing
Theory - Focusing
Practice - Focusing
Additional Resources - Focusing
My Learning Plan Worksheet
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SkillUp eJournal
Day 2. Assessing Proficiency
Day 1 Recap Quiz - Focusing
Theory - Assessing Proficiency
Practice - Assessing Proficiency
Additional Resources - Assessing Proficiency
Day 3. Progress Logging
Day 2 Recap Quiz - Assessing Proficiency
Theory - Progress Logging
Practice - Progress Logging
Additional Resources - Progress Logging
Day 4. Habit Management
Day 3 Recap Quiz - Progress Logging
Theory - Habit Management
Practice - Habit Management
Additional Resources - Habit Management
Day 5. Spaced Repetition
Day 4 Recap Quiz - Habit Management
Theory - Spaced Repetition
Practice - Spaced Repetition
Additional Resources - Spaced Repetition
Day 6. Interleaving
Day 5 Recap Quiz - Spaced Repetition
Theory - Interleaving
Practice - Interleaving
Additional Resources - Interleaving
Day 7. Note-taking
Day 6 Recap Quiz - Interleaving
Theory - Note Taking
Practice - Note Taking
Additional Resources - Note Taking
Day 8. Mind-mapping
Day 7 Recap Quiz - Note Taking
Theory - Mind Mapping
Practice - Mind Mapping
Additional Resources - Mind Mapping
Day 9. Making Skill Trees
Day 8 Recap Quiz - Mind Mapping
Theory - Skill Trees
Practice - Skill Trees
Additional Resources - Skill Trees
Day 10. Creating Visual Analogies
Day 9 Recap Quiz - Skill Trees
Theory - Visual Analogies
Practice - Visual Analogies
Additional Resources - Visual Analogies
Final Word
What's next?